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Hot Tubs

With the Beauty of a Spa


Hot Tubs in Sarasota

Nothing soothes and satisfies quite like a slow, stress-melting soak in a hot tub that’s packed with all the right options for your needs.

From the most basic, bare-bones models to a line of technologically advanced tubs that are loaded with impressive add-ons, Adventure Hot Tubs & Pools is proud to provide you with a variety of options from Jacuzzi®, Dynasty Spas®, and Nordic Hot Tubs™, three top brand names that are known for their quality products.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs

Adventure Hot Tubs and Pools is the only Jacuzzi® of Sarasota dealer, giving us the distinction of offering our customers a full line of affordable hot tubs that are designed to fit any lifestyle and budget. Our Jacuzzi® models include products from the following collections:

Dynasty Spas®

This section is under construction.

  • The Affinity Series
  • The Allure Series
  • The Passport Series
  • The Radiance Series
  • The Plug N' Play Series
  • The Harmony Collection
  • The Club Series
  • The Nautical Series

Nordic Hot Tubs™

Adventure Hot Tubs also carries a wide range of Nordic Hot Tubs™, which offer the ideal balance of hydrotherapy at a cost-effective price and can offer pain relief for arthritis. Our Nordic models include:

And many more.

Find Your Hot Tub Today

There is a lot to look at when it comes to choosing the right hot tub for your needs. Whether you’re after nothing more than a simple soak, want a few extras here and there or are determined to go full-out and find the most elite, luxurious model we offer, you’ll find it at Adventure Hot Tubs and Pools.

Take a peek and see which of these collections has the perfect product for you or contact us today to learn more!