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Bull Frog Spas

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Bullfrog Spas are the only premium hot tubs on the market today that can be completely personalized to fit your specific needs. Bullfrog Spas are engineered with the patented JetPak Therapy System. This ultra-efficient design provides modular jetted seat backs that can be customized to fit your wellness needs, interchanged to fit people of different sizes, and upgraded at any time in the future with new JetPaks. This ingenious design allows you to place the specific hydromassages you prefer in the seats that fit you best.

The simple and efficient design of the JetPak Therapy System means that Bullfrog Spas often use up to 90% less piping and tubes than other conventional hot tubs. This simple design keeps water inside the spa and exposes less water to the cooling effect of the surrounding environment. Combined with dense full foam insulation, Bullfrog Spas lock in heat and operate more efficiently making them the most energy efficient spas in their class.

Bullfrog Spas are built using the most durable and precise construction materials and techniques. Unlike almost all other hot tubs that are still built on a wood frame Bullfrog Spas use a precision manufactured support structure made from a durable composite material. Bullfrog Spas will never rot like spas constructed of wood or corrode like spas made on metal frames. You can rest easy knowing that your Bullfrog Spa is built to last for decades, not just years.