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J-325™ | Jacuzzi Hot Tub J-325™


  • Seats: 4-5
  • Dimensions: 76 in x 84 in x 34 in
  • Filled Weight: 4,357 lbs. / 1,976 kg
  • Spa Volume: 360 US gal. / 1,363 Liters
  • Circulation Pump: YES
  • Jets: 21
  • Lounger: NO
  • Pumps: 2
  • Water Purification: CLEARRAY®
  • Waterfalls: 1
  • Pillows: 4
  • Stereo: NO
  • Electrical: 120V 60 Hz @ 15A, 240V @ 30A, 40A
  • Monthly Operating Cost: $12.89

Living in a densely populated Southern Ontario city sometimes means that you don’t have enough space in your backyard to accommodate a swimming pool. But how about a hot tub? Hot tubs offer you that same aquatic feeling in a compact setting. Jacuzzi Ontario offers portable hot tubs to help you make the most of a tight space. A great Jacuzzi hot tub that’s made to fit is the J-325.

The J-325 offers a solution to confined spaces without sacrificing any of the famous Jacuzzi brand features. Cozy, yet roomy, this energy efficient hot tub can seat up to four adults comfortably and includes factory installed armrests. While this luxurious hot tub is small in size, it showcases Jacuzzi’s biggest technology, including the FX Jets that can deliver a hydrotherapeutic foot massage. Enjoy the sensation of water pouring over your shoulders with the built-in waterfall feature, or let the tension float away in front of the invigorating FX2 Spinner Jets. The J-325 is a compact hot tub that fits all the essentials of a Jacuzzi hot tub therapy experience.


•    Compact doesn’t mean cut-back; the J-325 includes state-of-the-art Jacuzzi technology
•    Over the shoulder waterfall makes this portable hot tub feel like a personal oasis
•    Angled foot massage jets wash tension away in an effervescent cascade of bubbly goodness
•    One of Jacuzzi’s most easily installed hot tubs – no hardwiring, just fill it up and plug it in!

The optional exterior lighting package and stainless steel jet faces available in the J-325 help you customize this portable hot tub even more. There’s also a variety of textures and finishes available.

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